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How I frame myself within a climate/sustainability catastrophe – Pessimist or Optimist?

A pessimist is a person who thinks that bad things are more likely to happen or who emphasizes the bad part of a situation. An optimist is someone who always believes that good things will happen. When these two words are presented you probably draw yourself towards one of the two. An optimist is the […]

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Climate Change

We Can Overcome the Climate Crisis

The Scenario There is a war raging on, one that we are all complicit in, albeit to varying degrees, and yet currently, very few governments are addressing it with the urgency required. If we were to title this war, maybe we could call it ‘Our War on the World’, and in this war, there are […]

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Climate Change | Energy | Plastic

Plastic and Climate Change

What comes to your mind when I say the phrase ‘plastic pollution’? I am sure thoughts include beaches and oceans littered with plastic items, as well as marine animals ingesting plastics or being trapped in them. Many of us may be quick to overlook the fact that plastics and climate change are connected, both in […]

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Sustainable Lifestyle | Tips

To Bidet or Not To Bidet?

In the UK the humble bidet is far from a common bathroom feature, rarely being considered as a viable alternative to toilet paper. Throughout my entire life I can only recall seeing a handful of bidets in the UK. For those of you who haven’t been acquainted, a bidet is a toilet accessory either installed […]

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Energy | Sustainable Lifestyle

Taking on the Big Six … and Winning

Monday kicked off the start of the 7th ‘Big Energy Saving Week’:  a week dedicated to raising public awareness on how to switch energy supplier/tariff and make home energy improvements, saving money whilst saving energy. A YouGov poll carried out for the Big Energy Saving Week found that 1/3 of people don’t see the point […]

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Sustainable Stocking Fillers

The humble Christmas stocking. So often filled with gifts that don’t really have a purpose and that don’t last that long. To help with this I have compiled a list of some sustainable stocking fillers that you can get for friends and family. They are great conversation starters and won’t cost you or the environment, […]

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Zero Waste

My First ‘Zero Waste’ Week

On October 31st I spontaneously decided to start November with the aim of going zero waste. For me, zero waste refers to zero waste to landfill; the rest of my waste is either recycled or composted, nothing goes in the bin.  At the time of writing this article it has been just over a week; […]

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Sustainable Lifestyle

Three things I never leave home without

If like me, before you leave the house you will utter the checklist ‘phone, keys, wallet’ (in whichever order suits you). If we ignore the usual holy trilogy of ‘phone, keys, wallet’ there are another three which I now check through which are important in reducing our plastic impact and overall demand.   1. My […]

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Is financial intervention the solution to our relationship with single use plastic?

This past year, single use plastic has been a hot topic within the media. Greenpeace have been pressuring Coca-Cola to make their packaging from 100% renewable materials, as currently they produce 100 billion plastic bottles every year. Elsewhere, Sky have been using their position as a news outlet to champion their ‘Ocean Rescue Campaign’ tackling […]

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Plastic: The Great Infiltrator

(Photo credit: Bonnie Monteleone) Micro-plastics, can be likened to a planetary cancer, as they continue to spread to every nook and cranny of the globe. Even with our measurement tools the diagnostic is uncertain as to how it will affect the planet and the human race. It has infiltrated our lives, through our food systems […]

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