Plastic: The Great Infiltrator

24th September 2017

(Photo credit: Bonnie Monteleone)

Micro-plastics, can be likened to a planetary cancer, as they continue to spread to every nook and cranny of the globe. Even with our measurement tools the diagnostic is uncertain as to how it will affect the planet and the human race. It has infiltrated our lives, through our food systems and more recently, studies have horrifyingly identified that plastic fibres have made their way into our tap water. In Europe 72.2% of tap water samples contained plastic fibres.

We are failing in our stewardship of this planet and we all need to reduce the amount of plastic in our lives, as well as our overall consumption. It almost seems to be poetic that this information comes during zero waste week; an international campaign to raise awareness around reducing the amount we throw away as well as being conscious of where it all ends up.

To me, this issue echoes the sentiment of Rachel Carsons ‘Silent Spring’, and the dangers it revealed associated with pesticides regarding soil, waterways, animals and subsequently humans. Plastic is now a prominent feature in our ecosystem. Who knows as of yet what will be the long term implications of this plastic on our generation and those to come?

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