Sustainable Stocking Fillers

17th December 2017

The humble Christmas stocking. So often filled with gifts that don’t really have a purpose and that don’t last that long. To help with this I have compiled a list of some sustainable stocking fillers that you can get for friends and family. They are great conversation starters and won’t cost you or the environment, the world.

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Bamboo Socks £5


Receiving socks for Christmas is a rite of passage, so why not move away from the traditional energy, water and chemical intensive, cotton sock, and get your hands on a pair of these bamboo ones.

Why? – Bamboo grows fast and is low-input. It uses low impact harvesting which mean no pesticides or fertilisers and it doesn’t require vast amounts of water. So good news for the planet and your feet.


Stainless Steel Straw (x4) £5 -£8


If you know someone who always uses straws, why not get them a sustainable alternative that will also make their next drink an aesthetic masterpiece … Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but your friend CAN take it with them everywhere they go and kick their plastic straw habit.

Why? – Over 550 million straws are used every day in UK and US. Most won’t end up being recycled. Single use plastic straws are one of the top 10 items found in beach clean ups. Let’s avoid giving the ocean plastic straws this Christmas (or anytime).


Hydro Flask £20+


The perfect gift for keeping your drinks hot (or cold) this winter. Multi-functional and durable, this gift will be around for a long time.

Why? – Less than half of the plastic bottles used in the UK are recycled after use. In the UK, we have clean, safe drinking water why would we not use it. You only have to use a flask 20 times rather than buying water bottles and it pays for itself. Saving you money and our oceans from even more plastic.


Bamboo Toothbrush £3.90


For anyone who is looking to move away from the plastic. This toothbrush has an 100% biodegradable bamboo handle, with a BPA-free Nylon brush. A stylish and more sustainable option for brushing your teeth.

Why? – Billions of plastic toothbrushes are discarded annually to either rubbish dumps or our oceans. This is an easy change that will have positive impact on our environment.


Coconut Oil Toothpaste £6.90

A natural alternative to toothpaste for those who like to try something a little different. All natural ingredients mean you’ll be kicking out the chemicals and with recyclable packaging this product is also zero waste.


Natural Deodorant £4.85


Similar to socks, I’m sure I am not the only person who remembers getting Lynx Africa Gift Set for Christmas, to such an extent that you could never possibly run out. Recently I’ve switched to an all natural role on deodorant and like the toothpaste this recyclable product is zero waste.


Stainless Steel Containers £12-£20


Perfect for storing leftovers, keeping food fresh and picking up goods from your local market.

Why? – Food waste is a massive issue worldwide; UK household food waste alone is roughly 7.3 million tonnes each year. This is the perfect gift for all the leftover food during the holiday period.


Books FREE


Do you have a favourite book? One in particular that changed the way you think or just helped you to escape. Why not share that with friends and loved ones. We don’t have to buy things for them to be special gifts, remember it’s the thought that counts.




Gifts don’t just have to be physical and material items, you can give friends and family the gift of your time.



I hope this has helped you on your mission to find sustainable Christmas/holiday gifts. If you are looking for a way to wrap any of your gifts check out my Instagram post here on Furoshiki; a traditional Japanese cloth used for gifts, and the importance of the technique used to wrap it.




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