I am a 23 year-old who is passionate about sustainability and believes that we all must change our attitude to how we treat the planet.

I created this blog as I wanted to encourage readers to consider and become more conscious of their consumption habits. I don’t just mean the goods you buy but also the services you consume like electricity. Where do they come from? How are they made? Who is making them? The world is hectic, and there are hundreds of things you and I have to worry about each day and sometimes thinking about the environment can’t be the number one priority. But, I do believe we can all start to become more educated and aware of the issues we face as a society and together, we can make a real change. My posts will discuss relevant topics and inform readers of ideas around current sustainability issues across social, environmental and economic paradigms.

I have studied sustainability and it is an area which I am extremely interested in. Those who know me, know that I have definitely been guilty of going on when I talk about sustainability, hence the name. I am by no means perfect and I don’t think anyone is, but we can all work together to become better versions of ourselves. I want to add my voice to the discussion as I go on the journey to improve my own sustainability and hopefully encourage others to do the same, including you.

I look forward to adding content to this site,

To many happy ramblings….